We love Airbnb. But there’s one thing missing from our favourite service: a category for sustainable homes. That is why, on International Day of Climate Action, we created this Zerobnb site. Tourism causes almost a tenth of global emissions. We think it’s time to make every journey a journey towards zero emissions. We’re not asking for much. We just want Airbnb to add a new category for sustainable home options. After that, we can get rid of Zerobnb.

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We have collected our favourite sustainable homes from Airbnb, so you can book your next sustainable getaway.

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About zero homes

From zero waste to zero emissions, sustainable zero homes come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your home is self-sufficient with solar panels or you have a state of the art recycling station – you don’t have to be completely zero emissions yet. The most important thing is you’re taking steps towards a zero emissions future.

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